Rooftop Vineyard Shows Startups How to Deal with Cramped Quarters

Rooftop Vineyard Shows Startups How to Think About Out of the Box Business Spaces

Think you need a ton of vacant land to start a vineyard or similar business? One Brooklyn business is proving that notion wrong.

Rooftop Reds is a vineyard located on a 15,000 square foot rooftop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The company uses a planter box vineyard system to make it possible to grow the grapes needed in such a (relatively) small space.

This business proves to other entrepreneurs you don’t necessarily need tons of space to run businesses that might previously have been reserved for more rural areas with lots of land to work with. Technology and a bit of creative problem solving can help you make use of the space you have — even if it seems limited.

Additionally, the fact that Rooftop Reds is located in an urban setting, where few other vineyards have been able to set up shop, provides a unique differentiation opportunity for the business.

The Takeaway? How to Think About Out of the Box Business Spaces

So whether you’re thinking of starting a winery or another type of business traditionally linked to more rural areas like a plant nursery or produce farm, you can think of unique ways to arrange your space and create a unique niche for your business at the same time.